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How Pollution Affects the Skin

It’s no secret that too much of the sun’s rays can lead to wrinkles and early signs of aging skin. Ultraviolet light (UVL) often leads to more severe problems such as skin problems. However, the sun isn’t the only outside element that has the potential to harm the skin and accelerate our skin’s aging. Pollution, particularly in the air, has the same effects on our skin as unprotected exposure to UV rays. One of the worst air pollutants that we in America are most familiar with is smoke. It lingers in the air and highly weakens air quality. Thankfully, just like the sun’s rays, air pollution can be protected against. If you want to start protecting your skin against unwanted elements in the air, we have products and information to equip yourself and your skin!

Protecting yourself from air pollution begins with understanding how it damages the skin. Air pollution is proinflammatory to several skin cell types, meaning it causes the skin to be red, itchy, and dry. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to harmful stimulants and irritants, but long term inflammation can be hazardous to the skin. Additionally, pollution reduces cell productivity and slows down the development of new cells replacing old ones. Because the skin cells aren’t functioning as they should, problems such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, and ichthyosis are more likely to arise. The skin’s overall well-being and appearance is hindered. 

If you’re beginning to panic, don’t worry! Damages to the skin from air pollution are preventable. The best way to combat pollution is by creating a healthy skin barrier to fight against unhealthy elements. This is done with an anti-inflammatory regimen that includes the proper skincare products and care. 

The first product we suggest adding to your lineup is a multivitamin and anti-inflammatory serum. A serum that is rich in vitamins will improve the skin’s overall health and encourage cell turnover. This will work to fight against unwanted components entering the skin.

While it’s vital to use sunscreen to shield the skin from UV rays, it’s also an excellent defense for protection against pollution. Anti-inflammatory sunscreen works similarly to a serum. Its anti-inflammatory properties help preserve the skin by limiting the harm from pollution and other damaging elements that may linger in the air.

At Modern Dermatology & Aesthetics, we offer products like these to protect the skin against air pollution. One of our favorite brands is Epionce. Epione’s renewal products are curated with barrier repairing and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent damage to the skin. They work to enhance skin rejuvenation and replacement. Epionce offers a multivitamin serum that includes all 23 vitamins and an anti-inflammatory/antioxidant sunscreen made with botanical ingredients. We suggest these two products for those who want to safeguard their skin against pollution and other elements in the air.

Weak and damaged skin is the last thing anyone wants. We want you to take proper care of yourself and your skin so that you can feel and look your best! If you are interested in these or other Epionce products or want to learn more about maintaining healthy skin, give us a call (228-864-8049)! We’re happy to help start you on the skincare journey you deserve.