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Erase Summertime Skin Damage

We are no stranger to the effects of the sun in the south! The impact of UV rays can leave lasting damage to the skin such as wrinkles, dark spots, and more serious problems. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the cause of about 80% of aging skin. In short, too much time in the sun can make you look older! In addition, it can lead to more crucial damage such as actinic keratosis and skin cancer. Thankfully, these issues can be resolved with the right treatment. We offer multiple different procedures that can help overturn and heal the long term effects of UV rays depending on the significance of the damage.

MOHS Surgery 

Mohs surgery is the single most effective technique for treating the two most common skin cancers, Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (BCC and SCC). It accomplishes the nifty trick of sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue while also most completely expunging cancer cells. The cure rates for BCC and SCC are an unparalleled 98 percent or higher with Mohs, significantly better than the rates for standard excision or any other accepted method. Dr. Lewis is one of very few physicians in the Southeast who is qualified to perform Mohs Surgery for the removal and treatment of skin cancers.

Sciton Contour Skin Resurfacing

This procedure can help treat multiple skin blemishes such as wrinkles, scars, and veins but it is also effective at fixing actinic keratosis. Actinic keratosis are scaly patches on the skin that are the result of too much exposure to the sun. The spots are known to cause itching and discoloration of the skin. Although these lesions are not cancerous themselves, they can eventually lead to skin cancer. Sciton Contour Skin Resurfacing can eradicate these patches before they develop into cancer and renew your skin.

PCA Skin Peels

Physicians Care Alliance (PCA) skin peel is a chemical peel that exfoliates the skin and treats numerous skin concerns and types. These peels are known to increase skin cell turnover, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and erase breakouts. They are customizable to treat individual skin tones and blemishes. Overall, they help correct skin texture and tone and results are visible after only one session. The best part about this treatment is that there is no rest or recovery required after the peel. You can continue with your day as soon as your session is finished.

As you know, sunburns aren’t the only damage you can get from too much time in the sun. The long-term effects from exposure to UV rays can lead to skin blemishes and even cancer. However, with the right treatment, we can erase sun damage and have your skin looking healthy again. If you think your skin may be damaged from the sun, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call to schedule a consultation with us: 228-332-3111! We want you to look and feel your best!