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4 Makeup Products to Add to Your Everyday Looks

Curating the perfect everyday makeup routine is something we all do throughout our lives! Between foundation, eyeshadow, and highlighter, there are so many elements to include in your go-to look, and it can be challenging determining which ones you love enough to wear regularly. If you’re searching for tried-and-true products that won’t irritate your skin, La Bella Donna’s products are just for you! This fantastic brand creates mineral-based products free of harsh chemicals, dyes, oils, alcohol, and fragrances. Their formulations nourish and heal the skin while minimizing subtle flaws. We’re going to highlight a few of our favorite La Bella Donna products that you need to add to your everyday makeup look!

Our first product recommendation is La Bella Donna’s liquid mineral foundation SPF 15. This foundation is specially engineered with silk particles that smooth and balance the skin’s color and conceal blemishes. Filled with an antioxidant that boosts collagen, this product heals damaged tissues and leaves the skin with a healthy glow. With SPF 15 and hydrating formula, this foundation is nourishing for the skin.

If you’re not a fan of liquid foundation or want a powder to add on top of other products, we suggest the loose mineral foundation SPF 50. This mineral-based is La Bella Donna’s signature product and is the ideal foundation for sun protection and natural radiance. Although mineral powder has a light feeling, it provides the skin with all-day protection without clogging pores. The natural ingredients in this foundation moisturize the skin while keeping it safe from UV rays. You can apply it directly to the skin on its own or pair it with the liquid foundation for extra SPF protection and a fresh finish. 

One of La Bella Donna’s products’ best aspects is that many can be used on multiple parts of the face, including the clean color multi-use Positano Palette. This clean palette includes six shades that work on the eyes, face, cheeks, and even lips. These colors’ silky texture, a mix of matte and shimmer, are perfect for those wanting a neutral look. You can blend the shades in this palette with others to create unlimited looks.

To top off your go-to makeup look, try La Bella Donna’s vision of mineral lights compressed mineral quad. This versatile product features bronzer, eyeshadow, and blush in three varying shade palettes with four colors in each. The bronze shades naturally highlight the skin’s undertones and give them a natural shimmer, while the pinker shades provide the perfect pop of color. The light refracting qualities of these shades present a luminous glow that shines all day. 

Finding makeup that doesn’t irritate your skin and allows you to create fresh looks every day isn’t easy! The clean and natural elements used in La Bella Donna’s products keep the skin nourished while offering the perfect blend of colors. Adding these four products we mentioned will work wonders for your skin! They have many more mineral-based products available, including lip colors, eye pencils, mascara, and even brushes. If you’re interested in adding La Bella Donna to your makeup collection, give us a call or stop by our office to learn more!